About Us

Who we are?

“Multi-Disciplinary” advanced engineering solutions

Poseidon Consulting is "a multi-disciplinary" advanced engineering solutions community, comprise of engineers from different branches. Poseidon Consulting provides consulting services in several topics surrounding; physical distribution, location selection, inventory, logistics investments and logistics network design to local and foreign companies.

What we do?

We provide a wide range of consulting services complementing each other and convey our experience from different sectors to help you in supply chain challenges. Analyze all the steps of your supply chain from forecasting demands to delivering goods to customer and seek for alternative structures. Find you the best applicable solution in complicated cases within the best trade-off between time, cost and quality factors. We know that logistics operations are the key factor that distinguishes you from others by means of cost reduction and service quality. With our efficient supply chain and logistics consulting service we develop logistics models, facility layouts, distribution and material handling solutions which suits you best. We present integrated solutions for your existing and future needs, fulfilling your expectations.


Apply engineering concepts to real-world problems. Understand the “big picture”. How change initiatives impact the overall organization. Understand and analyze the current processes accurately. Manage change. Follow through on implementation.


Create solutions; flexible for changing business needs, adaptable for unsteady business environment, robust against uncertainty, easy to improve after the implementation, innovative and highly specialized.