ARZUM, one of Turkey’s well-established brands and the leading company of the electrical household appliances sector, has decided to continue its long-term cooperation with Poseidon Consulting in line with its vision of providing maximum customer satisfaction in outsourcing and outsourcing all logistics operations.

Having been born as a domestic brand in 1966, Arzum has taken its place almost each home in Turkey and carried its success into international aspect in a short time. Aiming to change the lives of the users with the products which it has manufactured by bringing technology with design and creativity, Arzum has been directing the sector by breaking the grounds in Turkey within the small house appliances sector during its half-century-journey. Having produced the first Turkish iron in 1967, first Turkish mechanical vacuum cleaner in 1968, first Turkish food processor in 1991, and first electrical coffeepot in 2003, Arzum became the firs brand to prolong the guarantee period by launching the 3-year-guarantee application within the sector in 2001.

Son Projelerimiz
Arzum x PSD

ARZUM, one of Turkey’s prominent brands and companies of the…

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